Event Video

We are, first and foremost, a live company. Video has become an integral part of events, allowing your audience to be immersed even if they are not in the front row. Single camera and multiple camera shoots are perfect for concerts, performances, corporate events, auctions, seminars, and religious services. Take your event to the next level by including custom graphics, lower thirds, and video playbacks.

Live Streaming

Reach audiences beyond your events and geographic location. Utilize our live streaming experts for your next conference, performance, webinar, or instructional meeting. Whether it’s single camera, multiple camera, or advanced audio we have the tools to help make your online productions more successful and professional. Visit our live streaming video and sound studios for those times when you need to make a big impression.

Audio Composition

Whether you are looking for your next jingle or a score for video, Red Square Audio works with some of the most talented musicians and composers in the Midwest. With the importance of audio branding being on the rise, now is the time to find your perfect audio composition for your business, social media, podcast, or videocasts.